Hollywood Golden Girl!

Lord knows I can be dramatic.  That’s not news.  But who ever dreamed I’d one day be a Hollywood Golden Girl?!

Okay just kidding, that’s quite a stretch.  But I WILL be going on television—Autism Live! TV, programming efforts of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) in Woodland Hills.  My high school friend connected me with her friend who heads programming for CARD (God bless Facebook) and, two messages later, I was booked as a guest THIS Thursday, August 27th, at 11:15am.  What’s more, he’s a USC School of Cinema alum!  What could be BETTER?!

I’m going to be talking about my book (Pieces—find it on Amazon!), about my non-profit efforts with the California Sibling Leadership Network and the Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center, and my work as an Applied Behavior Analyst with Behavior Frontiers (boy, I’m busy!).  I’m so excited to be getting the word out there and drawing attention to Siblings, autism, special needs, and . . . me!  (Just kidding . . . kind of . . . )

Hollywood here I come!!! (Maybe.)

See you on the other side of the camera, daahhling!