Being published feels incredibly surreal!  I didn’t actually plan for it to happen, having written various creative projects in high school and college for a plethora of writing classes.

One day, my dear friend Margaret (who would become my Editor extraordinaire) told me she had spoken to her publisher friend at a party about my creative writing and experience with my sister—and if I could get something put together in six-months’ time, he’d love to take a loot at it!!!

I was over the moon!!!  And also in shock—six months to get a BOOK organized?!  From the hodgepodge of Google Docs, journal pages, and napkin scraps??  Well.  If Margaret had taught me anything, it was how to GET. IT. DONE.

Next leg of the journey—HOLLYWOOD GOLDEN GIRL!!!  Maybe.  A high school friend connected me with a Programming Exec (God bless Facebook) who wanted me as a guest on Autism Live! TV, brain child of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) in Woodland Hills.  I’m going on as a guest THIS Thursday!!  8/27 on 11:15am.  Over the moon!!!  No pictures, please. #hollywoodbreak


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